Mahada; Scientific Name: Artocarpus lacucha Roxb.

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Mahada; Scientific Name: Artocarpus lacucha Roxb.

Mahada; Scientific Name: Artocarpus lacucha Roxb., Family: Moraceae
Local Name:
• General local name: Hada
• Southern region of Thailand: Mahada
• Trang province: Large leave Mahada
• Malaya and Narathiwat: Kayae or Ta Pae or Ta Paneng or wild jackfruit

Mahada (Artocarpus lacucha Roxb.), is a tropical evergreen tree of the family Moraceae, dense canopies, straight trunk, based trunk as lobes, brownish bark, single leaves with dimension of 5-20 x 10-30 cm. Good quality ropes can be made from bark’s filaments. Whereas, Mahada is one of excellent hardwoods, conducted to be constructed wooden buildings and many other wooden structures. Yellow powders extracted from Mahada roots, has been previously implied for cloth dye. Emphasizing Mahada’s heartwood, it had long been confirmed for its pharmaceutical usefulness such as anti-helmint, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anticancer and anti-HIV properties.

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