Innovation to Produce Herbal Cosmetic Products Using Oxyresveratrol from Mahada’s Heartwood.

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Innovation to Produce Herbal Cosmetic Products Using Oxyresveratrol from Mahada’s Heartwood.

Department of Medical Science, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand, launched their press conference and insisted that their prototype research: innovation development to produce herbal cosmetic products, emphasizing oxyresveratrol extracted from Mahada’s heartwood, had been successfully achieved, as evaluated in either efficiency and safety criteria. As examined in volunteers, side effect such as irritated reaction was not observed. Whereas, its efficacy in reducing wrinkles, enhancing of facial lightening, and supporting of skin smoothening and flexibility. This herbal innovative know-how, based on scientific research, was ready transferred to private sector.

Dr.Sukhum Kanjanapimai M.D., director-general of the Department of Medical Science, revealed that medical science based innovation and research to produce Thai herbal products have been pushed forward as realistic policies, responding to people needs and economic value adds. Presumably, this would be an another choice for consumers. However, it must be concerned on quality, standardization, safety, Thai identities, and knowledge transferring to any interested entrepreneurs. To the first project, development of naturally herbal cosmetic product from Mahada, responsibility was assigned to Medicinal Plant Research Institute. Briefly, research protocol included 1) preparative extraction of pure oxyresveratrol from Mahada’s heartwood by standard and reproducible process, 2) testing of extract component for its safety within standard laboratory, 3) development of skincare cosmetic product prototypes, and 4) evaluation of each cosmetic product prototype in volunteers according to safety and efficiency studies.

It was shown that a varieties of Mahada cosmetic products such as cleansing gel, skincare lotion, serum, morning cream, night cream, skin repairing matrix, mineral mineral liquid and sunscreen matrix, had been successfully developed. In term of efficiency as evaluated in volunteers, the two most efficient whitening products were cleansing gel (11%) and serum (6%). Whereas, capabilities of skin smoothening and eye wrinkle reducing were presented by cleansing gel (16%) and night cream (11%). Three most skin tightening product potentials were serum (22%), day cream (18%) and mineral mineral liquid (17%). Scores of bounce and elastic skin efficiency were found in tonner (33%), serum (36%) and mineral spraying liquid (33%). All these prototype Mahada cosmetic products exhibited no skin irritating effect to volunteers.

“In addition to oxyresveratrol, the active compound found in Mahada’s heartwood (a tropical evergreen tree of the family Moraceae and genus Artocarpus), it biological properties e.g. inhibiting of melanin pigment biosynthesis, anti-oxidant, and anti-aging activities, are very usefully interested. Research as assessed in laboratory and volunteers, confirmed that the compound has exhibited its potential, to be realistically developed for cosmetic products” insisted by Dr.Sukhum.

To the highlight of this press conference, “innovations to produce herbal cosmetic products from Mahada’s heartwood as successfully achieved following scientific research by Medicinal Plant Research Institute, are ready delivered to interested entrepreneurs for commercial purpose. This would serve competitive potential of the country, responding to the government policies – Thailand 4.q”stated by Dr.Sukhum.
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